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"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

By: gpcox:

I want to apologize to gpcox because there are five pictures in this post and for some reason, they will not transfer when I post this article. I’ve tried it several ways and they just won’t come through.

As WWII unfolded around the globe, women were also affected.  Some found themselves pressed into jobs and duties they would never have previously considered.  Hitler derided Americans as degenerate for putting the women to work, but nearly 350,000 American females alone served in uniform voluntarily.  A transformation of half the population, never seen before, that began evolving in the early ‘40’s and continues today.

For the WASPs, 1,830 female pilots volunteered for Avenger Field outside Sweetwater, Texas alone and it was the only co-ed air base in the U.S.  These women would ferry aircraft coming off the assembly lines from the factories to the base.  They acted as…

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  1. GP Cox says:

    It was wonderful doing this post 5 years ago, it’s even better that Judy revived it for this Memorial Day Weekend!


    1. jaggh53163 says:

      Thank you for the re-blog. I enjoy it when people like you share the pieces of history from others, like GPCox. I was honored to have her Guest Post on my blog five years ago and was inspired to re-post them. They are well worth the read.

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