The last stand…


Although created 120 years ago, I thought the below chromolithograph cartoon was still hyper-relevant today. It was published in the July 9, 1899 issue of Puck, the iconic humorist magazine of the late 19th and early 20th Century. Besides, you have to love Newton with a Gatling gun that fires facts.

Via Library of Congress LC-DIG-ppmsca-28614 / 2012647443

Entitled, “The last stand – science versus superstition,” the print shows five men labeled “Newton, Abbott, Briggs, Savage, [and] Adler” and one man holding a flag that states “Think or be Damned”, with a machine gun labeled “History, Archaeology, Evolution, Enlightenment, [and] Geology” among boxes of ammunition labeled “Scientific Facts, Historical Facts, [and] Rational Religion” taking aim at a group of clergy on the drawbridge of a castle labeled “Medieval Dogmatism” armed with halberds and a banner that states “Believe or be Damned”.

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