4/1/1919 Kidnapping the Kaiser

World War 1 Live

Since he fled Germany the former Kaiser has been living in the Netherlands as an uninvited guest of Count Bentinck, a Dutch aristocrat. Many in Allied countries feel that the former German emperor should face trial for his role in starting the war, but the the Dutch authorities are adamant that he will not be extradited. However Luke Lea, a US army colonel, decides to attempt his own unofficial extradition, planning to kidnap the Kaiser and extract him from the Netherlands. He recruits some of his fellow Americans for a mission described as possibly dangerous but certainly exciting, initially keeping them in the dark as to its true nature.

American soldiers are barred from neutral Holland, but through political connections Lea is able to obtain transit papers for his group. Once across the border, Lea reveals the mission’s goal and offers his fellows a chance to drop out; none of…

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