United States Guided Missiles 1963


Well, it actually was rocket science.

While researching about the next 41 for Freedom boat in the series (USS Ethan Allen), I stumbled across this report on guided missiles that was printed by the US Government. It is an unclassified document but included all of the various types of guided missiles that were in use in 1963. There was a brief mention about a future development called SUBROC but the idea was still on the drawing board and it had not yet been deployed.

Since the focus this year is on Polaris and the 41 for Freedom, I thought it would be interesting to include this section in the way of detailing a little more about the weapons systems we had back in the day.

As always, I am amazed that the system worked as well as it did. When you consider how many contractors and subcontractors were used to…

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