13/4/1919 Allied agreement on Germany’s western frontiers

World War 1 Live

In Paris the leading Allies have finally managed to reach an agreement among themselves regarding Germany’s western frontiers. The provinces of Alsace and Lorraine, lost in 1870, will be formally returned to French rule (they have been under French occupation since the armistice and their return to France was taken for granted). Foch‘s proposal to turn the Rhineland into a buffer state or a French protectorate has failed to gain traction, but the Allies have agreed that they will occupy it for 15 years, after which it will be permanently demilitarised.

The coal-rich Saar region on the French frontier was the subject of much fraught discussion, with the French demanding its annexation but the British and Americans being more wary. A compromise here has been reached, with the Allies agreeing that the coal mines will be under French control but the region as a whole administered by the League…

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