Polaris A3 Deploys in Atlantic and Pacific (ALL HANDS 1965)

I spent more time inside Missile Tubes on USS Michigan than I wanted to. My exposure to 63 millirems of ionizing radiation is mostly the result of those tube entries to remove guidance assemblies and/or be the reader.

It was interesting work. I wouldn’t trade it for anything…


Sherwood forrest

I have to be honest and admit that I never looked inside the missile tubes on either of my FBM submarines. I know there was something inside all of the tubes because of the great deal of work required to keep them ready for use if the President called on us. But as an A-Ganger, it really wasn’t my responsibility to do much more than make sure the air systems and hydraulics were available and working in case they were needed. Okay, to be fair, we did a lot more than that, but mostly we were there to make sure that the mission could be completed as designed.

On my first boat, we had a library in the upper level missile compartment. That was my hangout when I need some quiet time. After I got qualified, it was my favorite place to be since I had never read any of…

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