USS Simon Bolivar SSBN 641 – “those of us who have toiled for liberty in South America have but plowed the sea.”



In January of 1973, I attended submarine school in New London Connecticut. I had completed basic training and Machinist Mate “A” school and this was my next assignment in the pathway to my first submarine. It’s funny when I think back now how much I was anxious to leave home and get away from school. The Navy has a wicked sense of humor since it kept sending me to school after school after school. By the time I would retire, those schools would amount to over sixty technical and leadership schools.

But sub school was special. We lived in open bay barracks and had very little privacy. In many ways it was like being back in boot camp again except it was a heck of a lot colder and there were a lot more trips to town to discover how much alcohol you could absorb before running out of money…

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