Why it mattered – Voices from the edge of the Abyss (June 1969)



Why it mattered – Voices from the edge of the Abyss (June 1969)

Looking back over the years we called the Cold War, the danger and consequences are easier to see now than during the time they were occurring. During much of the period, there were so many changes and movements that pulled our attention one way or another. From 1959 on, the country was buffeted by so many significant events.

Looking at the period is like looking through a kaleidoscope with dozens of ever changing colors and shapes and trying to focus on just one. It’s just so hard to single out one thing or another as being the most significant.

The sixties were nothing less than tumultuous and filled with one earth shattering event after another. The election of JFK. The Bay of Pigs. Nuclear brinkmanship. Spy planes being used and shot down. JFK’s assassination. Vietnam. Civil Rights…

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