USS Bowfin – The Pearl Harbor Avenger and Patrol Number Five



USS Bowfin – The Pearl Harbor Avenger and Patrol Number Five

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the great surface fleet that was the mainstay of America’s naval arm was badly battered. Laying in the mud and waters of Pearl Harbor, these great ships were suddenly ejected from the immediate battle plan and a new strategy needed to be adopted quickly. America would eventually rebuild and replace all of her losses at Pearl, but one weapon remained uninhibited: the US Navy Submarine Force. Having Admiral Chester Nimitz as their new Pacific Fleet Commander meant that all of the years of training and drilling on those boats would now be brought to fruition,

Prior to the war beginning, America had already begun a crash building program for submarines. Those submarines included some of the best technology of the day. More capable than their predecessors, these hunters were about to be unleashed…

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