USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN 610 “Potentia Tenebras Repellendi” (Power to Repel the Darkness)



USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN 610

When I was a young boy going through grade school, I was fascinated with the heroes of the day. There were very few superheroes (Superman and Batman) and I didn’t follow sports as closely as others did. Nope. My heroes were the men who were American Inventors. We learned all about Eli Whitney, Alexander Graham Bell, Fulton and of course one of the most famous of all Thomas A. Edison. I am grateful that I lived in an age when we were taught to look up to the kind of people who actually made a difference in the world.

His personal story of overcoming incredible disadvantages was a real inspiration. It’s not just that he had to deal with family tragedies, it was the added burden of being deprived of part of his hearing. The single biggest lesson was to never quit. Some people…

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