Pirates of the Seven Seas – Those Dastardly Submariners



The new decade had begun. The echoes of the war were still reverberating in society with the recent return of so many of the men from overseas that had seen the ravages of that horrific conflict.

The emergence of the submarine as a frightful weapon spawned many stories in the press. People across the nation had been told many stories about the little undersea creatures and what they had been able to do. Some of the stories were true but most were wild concoctions designed to sell newspapers. The unintended side effect was that people genuinely did not understand the nature of the new weapon.

It was dastardly and evil. It killed men in a cruel way (as if killing men in any fashion was somehow not cruel). The newspapers of 1919 and 1920 were filled with fantastic stories that had been kept in the dark during the worst…

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