Piano Sheet Music for Medieval History Buffs

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A Dollop of History

While my content is usually based around historic food, today’s post will be a little bit different. I have chosen to use my ever-decreasing free time to revisit a subject I used to write about on this blog and to finally complete a project that has been gathering dust for the past few years.

Medieval food is a special interest of mine, but my love of the era is not limited to cuisine! There is a fascinating wealth of music (with surviving lyrics and/or notation) that comes from the hundreds of years that are lumped into the “Middle Ages” and Early Renaissance. That is an enormous span of time in which a wide variety of musical styles evolved and thrived. In those hundreds of years the people of Western Europe (and beyond) enjoyed far more than just religious chanting. There were love ballads, epic war carols, fast-paced dancing instrumentals and…

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