Mughlai Carrot Halwa and a Brief History of Medieval Indian Cuisine

A Dollop of History

One of the many reasons I love food history is because it leads to a better understanding of the world’s various cultures, religions, agricultural practices and political pasts. Each country has its own fascinating history and we can learn a lot about its people by learning the stories attached to culinary traditions.

Among my favorite cuisines of the world, if not my actual favorite, is Indian. However, I have always been intimidated by it when it comes to cooking authentic dishes at home. The range and use of spices in Indian cuisine is so sophisticated and complex! And some of the ingredients just aren’t easy to come by where I live. With my personal limitations, how could I possibly do it any justice?

However, I was still determined to attempt to capture what Indian food is all about by learning more about the why. Why are there so many…

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