One of the Greatest Warriors in American History That You Have Never Heard Of


New Orleans, today a vibrant city known for Cajun food and Mardi Gras, is a city with a rich history that carries a certain mystique with it. Many have heard the ghost stories and tales around the bayou, but what is not as known is that some of the nation’s best fighters and weapon experts used the city as a homebase 200 years ago. Among the best of these expert duelists was Jose “Pepe” Llulla, a legend in New Orleans who became like a mythical creature of the South, but there’s factual evidence to back some of his stories up.

Image of Lulla.
On Left: Jose “Pepe” Llulla, sometime mid-19th century.


Llulla was born on a then Spanish-owned island in the Mediterranean Sea named Minoraca in 1815. As he grew through the years he earned a strong sense of nationalism towards Spain, something that would stick with him for his entire life…

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