Thank You!

I was surprised the other day when I noticed that the Facebook page for “Dave Loves History” had grown to over 230 people who “Like” it, which I presume means that they follow along with my travels through the past.

I appreciate that.

I also want to be clear that I keep my personal politics completely off of this page. Believe me, I have plenty of opportunities to indulge that elsewhere. Here, I simply started linking to items that I did not have time to read at the moment and wanted to be able to come back to later. Yes, I am a writer as well, but very little of what I write about is pure history, except on rare occasions.

I have met many dedicated bloggers and videographers and people who love history as much as I do. Many have become friends and at this time of being pretty much housebound, I have really enjoyed that.

Please feel free to post articles and links of interest. Please keep them to history and free of political opinion (except as it directly relates to the history being discussed). I will continue to post things I come across and to share from the folks who I have come to really enjoy reading and watching.

This is… I guess it’s my 3rd “home,” and I tend to be quick about responding to things here. Thank you again and always remember that:

“History is the main ingredient of the future”

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