Battleship No. 39: Grab the Cutlasses!


From the 1924 overhaul plans of the Pennsylvania-class dreadnought USS Arizona (BB-39), listing her battery. Besides the traditional battlewagon muscle such as 14″/45, 5″/51, and 3″/50 guns, keep scrolling down passed the two submerged torpedo tubes, two 1-pounder boat guns, and quartet of four-pounder saluting guns, and you see her impressive small arms locker for fielding a light battalion-sized landing force of bluejackets armed with 350 M1903 Springfields, 100 GI .45s, an unspecified number of Krag 1898s (which may have been line throwers), two .30-cal machine guns, and a 3-inch field piece.

Oh yeah, and 10 cutlasses– arms that remained an ordnance allowance item until 1949.

For reference: Atlantic Fleet sailors in formation at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, landing force drill, circa 1909, complete with packs and rifles.

Collection of CQM John Harold. Catalog #: NH 101534

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