Codetalkers to be Recognized Annually



The Navajo Code Talkers Memorial in Window Rock, Arizona on the Navajo Nation, is fully equipped with an M1 helmet, Reising submachine gun, M1911, and 32-pound Westinghouse CRI-43007 transmitter. (Photo courtesy of the Navajo Nation)

Moving forward, August 14th will be recognized in Arizona as Navajo Codetalker day, with Gov. Doug Ducey recently signing such a proclamation in place.

“It’s wonderful to have the State of Arizona honor and recognize the sacrifices and contributions of the Navajo Code Talkers,” Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez said. “It’s long overdue. We only have a few Navajo Code Talkers with us to this day, but we pay tribute to all of them and their families. Their legacy is strengthened with today’s signing of this bill and we hope that this will also help to share the stories of our Code Talkers so that many more people throughout the state are aware of everything that they…

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