A Soul Lost in a Faraway Jungle – Part 1

Masako and Spam Musubi

e smith Photo by Eugene Smith, USMC

A mother during World War II could suffer no greater anguish than receiving a telegram that her son was not killed but rather, deemed missing in action.

One irony rests with the fact we were the victors in World War II.  While certainly not in all instances, we have a large percentage of intact battle records – and survivors – to help identify (or locate) remains largely because we were victors.

For us here in the US, roughly 420,000 are deemed as killed in action during World War II.  However, at one time, there were roughly 80,000 classified as missing in action.  There is a second irony here.  As seen in the solemn photograph above, parts of a vibrant yet unidentifiable son were brought to this battlefield cemetery for burial.  In other words, we have his remains; his name, however, is not on the grave marker. …

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  1. GP says:

    Isn’t this a terrific site?!!

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    1. FTB1(SS) says:

      LOL! It’s another great one that I don’t have the time to read… or I guess I just don’t need to sleep!

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    2. Mustang.Koji says:

      Your’s is so much more, gocox. Thank you.

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      1. GP says:

        You are too modest and too kind, Koji!!


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