Welcome to Dave Loves History!

This started as a simple Facebook Page – which it also still is – where I could share (mostly for my own reading later purposes) articles about history that had drawn my attention.

I follow a number of history and history related sites, and given the way Facebook treats readers by deciding for them what they should or should not be reading, I decided to shift to a Blog Page. This will ensure that followers get notifications of every post. It also will give me a way to index posts for future reference. It also gives me a better platform for writing my own history articles, something that I feel is coming soon.

My “Periods of Passion” remain as follows:

The 18th Dynasty of Egypt
Ancient Israel through the era of Maccabeus
Classical Greek and Roman History, from Alexander through the Fall of Jerusalem
American History, from 1763 through the Presidential Election of 1804
The American Civil War
The Plains Indian Wars
World War I
World War II
The Cold War and its Conflicts
Naval History
And my family history especially as it relates to any of the periods listed above.

Much of what you will read here is shared (with full credit) from others who have attracted my attention and read or at least want to read as soon as I have a free moment to do so. Comment and contributions are welcome here.

Always remember that we can only interpret history through the lens of our own experience and knowledge. The biggest mistake any historian can make is to interpret history by own our cultural and societal values. Unless we were there, we can only strive to learn, we cannot correct or change the past to meet our own sensibilities or judgments.

Enjoy and may we all learn something new!